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The entire packet must be completed, signed, and notarized (including BOTH copies of the medical release form) in order for you to participate in extramural sports.

Middle School Sports Schedule

1st Quarter - Basketball
2nd Quarter - Track
3rd Quarter - Soccer
4th Quarter - Flag Football and Volleyball

Coleman Middle School
Extramural Sports

Thank you for your interest in Coleman's Athletic Program this season.  An unexcused absence from practice will immediately disqualify you from participating in that week's game.  Excessive excused or unexcused absences will also disqualify you from participating.

The basics of eligibility are as follows:

To participate, athletes must have maintained a 2.0 grade point average prior to the start of the season.  Once teachers compile their grades, ineligible students will be immediately removed from the team.

To remain on the team during the season, athletes must maintain a high standard of grades and conduct.  Coaches will receive weekly progress alerts from teachers.  A student who fails two classes in any one week or receives an "F" in conduct immediately becomes ineligible for practice and games during that week.  The athlete will remain ineligible until a satisfactory grade sheet is presented to the coaches.  Eligibility based on grades and conduct are completely at the discretion of the teachers and coaches.

The entire Middle School Sports Packet must be completed, notarized, and turned in for you to participate.

Participation in extramural sports is determined through tryouts at the coach’s discretion.  Please keep in mind that limitations on our game roster (put in place by the County Athletic Department) make it impossible to guarantee that everyone who is on the team will get a chance to play in a game.

Please understand...our sports programs are "extramural".  Students' playing time will be proportional to athletic ability, attitude, and ability to represent Coleman Middle School in a positive way.  ALL ISSUES REGARDING PLAYING TIME, POSITION, AND DRESS ROSTER SELECTION ARE COMPLETELY AT THE COACH'S DISCRETION.  Athletes who wish to have a guarantee of playing time are highly encouraged to join local youth leagues where team size and scheduling makes it possible for everyone to play equally.

If you disagree with this policy, we respectfully ask that you not have your child participate and instead enroll them in one of the area youth leagues.

Thanks for your attention and cooperation.  We are looking forward to a wonderful season of Cobra Sports!!!

Toby Johnson - Assistant Principal
Coleman Middle School